Hunt links for sports streams

Welcome to Lshunter - the ultimate sport stream aggregator!

Through years of experience with building sport streams websites, throught hundreds of thousands of sport events, throught dozens of domains seized by the authorities, we finally come to you with our final project: The Lshunter. Have you ever wanted to watch all sport events from one website? Now it's possible! Using advanced artificial intelligence program, stolen from top secret U.S. military base located under the biggest american football stadium, we are now able to bring you the best sport stream links from all over the world. And since it's such a a delicate matter for the United States government, that we are using their prototype of data diging sotware to hunt live streams links, you can be sure they will leave this website alone, in order to avoid public disgrace. Nothing can stop us now!

Because there is only one original! All the rest are just copies (of a copies, of a copies...).

Feel free to share your experience with Lshunter on social networks - everyone should know about us because we are so cool, don't you think? Or at least you can refer to Lshunter as the most arrogant sport stream website you ever visited. But remember, we need some propaganda too! Thanks!

So how to use Lshunter: It's preatty easy, really! Even six years old kids could do it (and be damn sure they do!). On the Lshunter main page, there is a list of current sport events that we provide links for. Individual links are distinguishable by time in which they take place, by small image assigned to it according to specific sport, and by name of the event. All you have to do is to find link to desired game and click. Then you will be taken directly to a page with particular stream. Yes, that's all. Its 2013, there is no reason why to make things complicated.

If you want to display links from only one sport category, scroll to top top of the page. In the uppermost part of Lshunter, there is a list of sections with names of various sports. If you want a see soccer links only, simply click on "Soccer" and you will be given list of soccer links. If you would like to see links for tennis, click on "Tennis" category (and so forth).

Enjoy your stay here and don't be afraid! God is watching over you (actually he is streaming your life through Lshunter).


Sincerely yours, Lshunter team - your humble servants in the world of live streams aggregators.