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Few minutes back, dozens of links were displayed right here. Then links decided to go for a walk. A nice, healthy walk in the open air. They'll be back in a minute. If you want to be sure, check the OTHER category, maybe that some lazy links are hiding there.

Look honey, you have to realize one thing, okay? There is nothing here. And I mean NOTHING. What? You can't recognize a blank page when you see it or what? Oh man, don't push your luck. Hey! Get out! And I mean OUT! Get out there, into the world! There are so many great things you could do and you are sitting here and staring on a blank page. Unbelievable. You are seriously wasting your life. What would your mother said to this, huh?

Lshunter knows about your problems and is trying hard to solve them. Nevertheless there are limitations.

Come back in couple of minutes for more football links.