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Winston Churchill once said: "Rugby is a hooligans game played by gentlemen." Lshunter agrees with him, no doubt.

Watching rugby online is now pretty simple that even six years old Churchill could do it. You probably already know which game you are looking for, so check the list on this page to find the proper link. Then click it and your rugby stream will load. Loading mostly takes just a few seconds, but if you are already waiting longer than that, it's probable that you your computer has been infected with "sloth virus", which makes his CPU performance basically useless. You have 2 options now:

Option 1: You will decide not to watch any rugby matches at the moment and instead you will organize one by yourself. Then you will use your newly acquired popularity to pick up cutest girls in your neighborhood. Then you'll watch rugby on Lshunter together.

Option 2: You will use one of our ads and make us rich. Then you call us and we will send a special team of highly trained rugby monkeys to deal with the situation. It's your choice!